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  • Postdoc

    Recruitment Target:
    Doctoral students who will graduate in 2022; Or Doctoral students who have obtained doctoral degrees from well-known universities at home and abroad in recent 2 years; Post-doctoral researchers from other post-doctoral workstations (mobile stations).

    Recruitment Conditions:
    1.High political quality, good ethics, excellent in character and learning, law-abiding, and having no bad records.
    2.Unlimited majors, focusing on Optical Engineering, Precision Machinery, Applied Physics, Automation, Electrical, Electronics, Control Engineering, Mathematics, Computer, Mechanics and other related majors.
    3.Qualified for full-time postdoctoral research.
    4.High ability of scientific research and writing skills.
    5.Having good professional dedication and teamwork ability.
    6.In good physical condition and Under the age of 35.

    Application Method:
    Please send your resume and representative academic achievements to with the subject “Apply for ** postdoctoral oriented+ Name”.